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Does online social networking hinder the development of...

The 21st century has seen the internet transformed into a tool that has made communication easier and more accessible. This transformation came about side by side with ideas of online social networks that would enable the interaction of citizens of different countries. Teenagers, being the main players of the online generation, have been caught up in the mix of online social networks as they have grown into a period whereby technology has revolutionized the way people go about their daily activities. However, due to the excessive amount of time spent on these networks and the online freedom that teenagers have, granted from social networking sites, they are left prone to negative effects on their development. For the purposes of this†¦show more content†¦Furthermore, from a 2010 nationwide survey of more than 1000 girls aged 14-17 conducted by Girl Scouts of America, girls with low self esteem admitted that their online image did not match their real image and were more like ly to claim that they portrayed it as ‘sexy’ (Muscari). Therefore, online social networking use should be monitored primarily on the creation of user identities to prevent teenagers from developing exaggerated identities which do not match who they really are. Furthermore, the exaggeration of personalities may lead to confusion between who a teenager really is and who he/she portrays to the online realm. The terms of service of these online social networks require a user to be age 13 or above (Facebook Terms of service). Erik Erikson, a developmental psychologist who studied identity formation argues that â€Å"this age correlates with the stage of identity versus identity confusion [whereby] teenagers seek to find out who they are, what they are all about, and where they are going in life† (Cowie). This confusion could be detrimental to the development of teenagers as it might lead to identity crises or lack of identity and other types of depression diseases associated with it. Thus, online social networks hinder adolescent identity formation because they allow them to exaggerate their personalities and form new identities which can lead to identity confusion and associated disorders. Secondly, without supervision, theShow MoreRelatedHow Social Networking Affects Our Community1515 Words   |  7 PagesSocial networking is a fairly new phenomenon over the last two decades. As with any upcoming technology, the academic community has in turn tried to understand how it will affect our lives as a society. On a more relevant scale, how this kind of progress affects our immediate community. This paper will attempt to argue that since community is an ever evolving concept, social networking today acts as an extension of it in terms of communication and facilitation of ideas, rather than an independentRead MoreSocial Media1160 Words   |  5 PagesOutline: 1. Social Media good or bad 2. It all started with AOL. a. Social media may very well be helping professionals network and new or existing businesses grow but are we willing to allow it to hinder the development of social skills and cause a new dangerous addiction? 3. Professional a) Pros: Job hunting, networking, latest and greatest in your field b) Cons: Companies with policies, distractions from work, not having a â€Å"filter† or restrictions 4. Personal a)Read MoreEssay on Are Teens too Dependent on Technology?1632 Words   |  7 Pagesphone begging for attention. Does this sound familiar? We, especially teenagers, are familiar with this kind of situation. It is a huge distraction that interrupts everything we do. If so, why does not she just turn her phone off? Why cannot she stop herself from focusing on it? Technology has a significant part in social and educational life of teens and it makes parents and experts think how teenagers become that addicted to technology today. The change in the social life of children and youngRead MoreSocial Medi Statistics And Trends Essay1877 Words   |  8 Pagesonce upon a time; social media was little more than an up-and-coming inclination. Do you remember Friendster and MySpace? Fast-forwarding to 2016, current social media platforms have emerged. Shea Bennet, the author of the article entitled, Social Media Addiction: Statistics and Trends, discovered that at least 99.8% of the teenagers in the world have cellular phones or Ipads and are tweeting, posting, liking, commenting on some particular social media platforms. Social media breeds our reachRead MoreEssay about Cultural Influences on Identity Development1502 Words   |  7 Pagesis, how does culture influence identity development? By the end of this paper you would be able to conclude that no matter what the surroundings of an individual is it will have some sort of an effect on either the physical or mental aspects of an individual. In order to answer this question we must understand how identity is developed, what culture consists of and concluding how culture influences identity development. First and Foremost in order to know what motivates identity development we mustRead MoreHow Social Media Affects Adolescents1954 Words   |  8 PagesRunning head: SOCIAL MEDIA ADOLESCENTS 1 How Social Media Affects Adolescents In Todays Society Tatiana N. Montano Brandman University SOCIAL MEDIA ADOLESCENTS 2 Abstract This paper examines the affect social media has on adolescents, ranging from ages 12-18. It is argued that social media has both positive and negative influences on todays youth. The aspect of social media being researched would involve how social media is being utilized. Through the research ofRead MoreSocial Media And Its Effect On Social Interaction1476 Words   |  6 Pagesspecies, social media (SM) is a construct of our already pre-existing social drive; the need to connect with others as well as maintain how others perceive us. Social media is defined as formated online communities where individuals create virtual identities and are able to send messages, share photos and videos, organize social events, and exchange information. The 21st century saw an increased access to the internet through the birth of the smartphone and the global phenomenon that is social mediaRead MoreThe Influence of Social Networking Sites on the Interpersonal of St. Marys College, Baganga4132 Words   |  17 PagesTHE INFLUENCE OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ON THE INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS OF THE 3rd year and 4th year EDUCATION STUDENTS AT ST. MARY’S COLLEGE, BAGANGA A Research Proposal Presented to the Faculty of St. Mary’s College Baganga, Davao Oreintal In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Basic Research By Jenelyn Orada Saint Mary’s College Baganga, Davao Oriental October 2012 ABSTRACT Social Networking Sites are increasingly popular nowadays. Many SNSdevelopers like FacebookRead MoreEffects of Social Networking to Students6164 Words   |  25 PagesCHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Social Networking is one of the trendiest topics being talked about by the students in Sta. Teresa College. Examples of social networking sites are Friendster, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Social Networking Sites help us to communicate with our friends, classmates, and relatives but they also allow us to communicate with other people who contribute to common interests with us. For instance a person added another person as a friend on FacebookRead MoreThe Is A Friend Without A Cellphone1829 Words   |  8 Pagesage of thirty five that s nearly impossible. We have always been warned: don’t trust the internet, it is a shield to hide behind. But what if everyone now is hiding behind that shield? 75% of all teens own a cell phone and 73% of online teens have used a social networking site (Carroll Kirkpatrick 2011) Today our entire world consists of extreme usage of technology; it is integrated into our movements, our plans, our mornings and nights, it is simply becoming us. No wonder the over usage of phones

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