Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Pi essays

Pi essays Over all the critics rather enjoyed this film just like any movie it did although have is flaws. Mostly critics liked the film the script is well-written and the central character is strongly developed (James Berardinelli 5). This shows that was the most talked about part of the film was the script. Every critic was highly captivated during the first half of the film. In addition as it concludes it begins to seem more spiritual like and it takes away from the first half. Pi is not a movie for everyone its not action packed like most of todays movies and visually appealing, it can throw you off. I couldn't tell if Max ever solved his mathematical problem, but I know that I didn't figure anything out. It's still a big puzzle (Joy Wyse 6). The film is in black and white, and it jumps from scene to scene (Joy Wyse 7).This shows why the movie is not for everyone it does become confusing to the people who like movies laid out for them. In addition this movie is more like a roll coaster it will take you on many twists and turns. Thou the camera work can be some what annoying it is filmed with a very expensive hand held this adds a lot of shakiness to the movies chase seines. Over all the critics rated this very high and Pi is the probably the best low budget film I have seen. Even thou its in black and white and shaky in parts I believe that added to the film. Darren Aronofsky has found what movies lack to day a plot thats not concealed with big explosions and big time actors. In my oppion all the special effects you need are in your head. Darren almost lets you make up parts of the story you have to think and thats some thing not found in to ...

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